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Wednesday, April 30, 2008
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Wondering which golf clubs you should buy?

By: Lee MacRae

With such a large variety of golf clubs on the market today, it is no wonder that many newcomers to the game have a hard time when it comes to choosing new clubs.

Follow along as we discuss each type and what may be best for you.

As a rule of thimb, it should be noted that "off the shelf" golf clubs will work for most everyone standing between five and six foot in heightl. The principle applies to both sexes. Taller or shorter? Then I suggest you take a look at custom made clubs. It will help your game considerably.

Cast Iron or Forged Iron?

For virtually all golfers, the stock cast iron golf clubs will be the soundest way to go.

Why, you ask? Well, cast iron golf clubs normally have a bigger "sweet spot". This is the are in the center of the club face where "forces" are said to be perfectly balanced to deliver the perfect shot. A larger sweet spot gives you a larger striking area and greater odds for a well-hit shot. It makes it a little easier to hit the "bulls eye" every time on your shots. This makes cast iron clubs ideal for anyone who wants a more consistant shot., especially beginners. Without a steady consistant swing, a larger striking area will produce better shots overall. This is the major reason why you see larger or even "oversized" clubs made, especially the oversized drivers today. These clubs allow for a larger sweet spot and make the game a lot easier for the average player

Forged iron clubs are generally the opposite. Harder to hit with because of a smaller sweet spot on the club face.

So why even make golf clubs out of forged iron, you ask?

This is due to the fact that forged iron offers a better "feel" on your shot because it is a softer metal than cast iron. The better player, with a more refined and "repeatable" swing, can use this "feel" to shape or control his shot in a way that the beginner can't. The better player doesn't need that larger sweet spot because he can strike the ball dead center with far more consistancy. He trades that off for more control.

The shaft of the club is the next item to look at. What will it be made of? A composite or steel?

The important thing to look at here is your club head velocity. Any typical Sunday golfer will generate a club speed of 80 to 94 mph. With speeds registering lower than that, you ought to think of using a composite style of shaft on your clubs . The problem with lower speed is you get less distance on your shots. You need to generate more speed [and more power] or find some way to compensate until you can. Composite shafts will allow you to get that much needed distance on your shots. And even within the composite shaft class, you will find variations in flex and materials that will affect your game.

For golfers with faster swing speeds, you don't necessarily need more distance. What you really want is more control. A steel tube shaft will give you that control to go along with your acceptable distance.

In order to determine your personal swing speed, look for a sports shop or golf store that has speed sensor equipment and get yourself clocked.

With only these few starting tips, it is typically best if you rent a few different sets of clubs as you play and take note of how each club serves or handicaps your game. You are looking to ascertain your own strengths as well as weaknesses. Check out the assorted types and varieties of golf clubs you may find in a rental shop, for example, and discover what works best for you.

These simple golf driving tips have proved effective in helping many golfers around the world improve their drives off the tee. Simply apply what you have read here to your own circumstances. Here's to your own improvement!

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Some Quick Golf Information

Assuming the texture of the sand is similar, and the ball is not plugged, the technique for hitting out of a greenside bunker remains the same for shots up to 30 yards (27m). The key to making this shot is hitting the sand about 1 to 2 inches behind the ball, throwing the sand forward with the ball. For longer shots the only thing that changes is the swing's length. Rhythm and tempo remain the same.
...PGA Tour

Practice grounds
Many facilities have practice grounds, which provide an ideal environment in which to get to grips with the basics. If there is a professional in residence, arranging some lessons will ensure that the new player begins developing good habits right from the off. This is a much better option than finding further up the learning curve that some of the less beneficial aspects of your technique are difficult to straighten out. Remember that some golfers find such bad habits can last a lifetime.
...mastering golf UK

Golf Cart Bags

Leg Angle. The lower leg should angle away from the ball at setup. This helps the body weight move off the heels and into the balls of the feet. This is an athletic position that really works.
Make your golf swing a solid with new golf spikes today!

The follow-through is the result of the prior body movements. After impact it's just a matter of releasing all tension and letting centrifugal force finish your swing. Centrifugal force will keep the clubface travel and clubface angle in the proper position. After the ball leaves the clubface there is nothing you can do that will affect the flight of the ball.
...World Golf

Be sure to check the location of the ball with clubs aligned on the ground. Step away to check that you are positioning the ball properly. Ask someone to double-check your positioning. It is hard, without alignment tape or clubs, to visually gauge the proper placement of the ball.
...Golf Help

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