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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
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Golf Putting Tips To Help You Make More Putts Consistently

By: Mary Chillders

Putting is one of the most difficult parts of the game of golf but if you can master it you can make a big difference at lowering your scores. Most players are actually naturally pretty effective at putting. If you see kids putt you will find that many tend to putt very well even without receiving any kind of lessons.

Most golfers struggle at putting when they start being overly concerned by putting mechanics. Developing a good putting stroke does matter so be sure to learn it well. Maybe take a putting lesson from a local golf pro. One useful thing to keep in mind about putting mechanics is to ensure that the golf ball is directly below your eyes.

You can check for this by holding a golf ball at eye level and then let it drop and see if it makes contact with the ball that is in the normal position of your putting stance. There a lot of different putters that come in many different sizes and shapes. The important thing is to pick the putter that you feel the most comfortable with.

Keep in mind that putting really is more an art than a science, sometimes you will feel like you did everything right and the ball still does not go in the hole. Remember that there are many variables you have no control over that could have caused a putt to miss so do not beat yourself up all the time.

Maintaining confidence levels is very important to help you become the best putter you can be. You need to think of yourself as a good putter and develop the skill of forgetting your missed putts. Instead focus on the putts you did make, this will help to boost your confidence level as a putter.

A large number of putters doubt their ability to determine the speed on longer putts. A lot of golfers think that this is some special gift that only a few players have. The truth is that we all have good feel and touch as long as you trust your natural ability and do not doubt it. Make sure that you hit your putts without consciously thinking about putting mechanics.

As you are about to make contact with your putt it is important to focus your mind on the target you have selected. You want to reduce your thoughts as much as possible and simply allow your mind and body to make the best stroke possible. Do not start doubting your read or your stroke as you are about to hit the putt and avoid any thoughts of past missed putts. Follow some of these strategies to help you develop into a solid putter.

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Almost every private course that I can think of however requires all players to wear collared shirts when playing on their course. You will find that most private courses are very strict about this as they want to make sure their course follows all the guidelines set by the PGA. This gives their course a sense of professionalism.
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Price is another factor to pay attention to. High prices do not always equate to a higher quality golfing product. When you pay more money, this doesn't mean your handicap will magically decrease. Spend more time choosing the correct product and less money trying to purchase skill. There are also plenty of golfing fads on the market. Don't become a victim to flashy packaging or alluring imagery. Aim for getting the best product for the most reasonable price.
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Who wants to hear that word of golf reality - senior golf equipment? Most of us don't want to face the fact that we are or will be eventually getting older. As life takes us through the path of wonder, we as golfers will all have to move into what is sometimes known as the golden years. That's life, don't fight it enjoy it with the proper golf equipment designed for seniors.
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Since the popularity of the sport has risen through the success of aces, such as like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, the number of golf clubs, putters, balls, bags and tees has increased throughout the years. All you have to do is remind yourself that you don't have to shell out the big bucks in order to enjoy a fine piece of golfing equipment. There are numerous products on the market that claim to increase your chances of winning your games, which often times is not true because it is the player that ultimately wins the challenge.
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Which Golf Clubs Are Best For You?

By: Lee MacRae

With such a large variety of golf clubs on the market today, it is no wonder that many newcomers to the game have a hard time when it comes to choosing new clubs.

We will go through a few basic tips to help you determine which golf clubs are right for you.

How tall are you? Standard clubs are made for anyone between 5 to 6 feet tall and should work out fine. That principle holds for both sexes. Everyone else will want to consider having clubs made to fit.

Cast Iron or Forged Iron Golf Club?

Generally, you will find that cast iron clubs are the way to go.

And there is a reason for that. Very simply because standard cast iron clubs tend to have a larger "sweet spot". This is the are in the center of the club face where "forces" are said to be perfectly balanced to deliver the perfect shot. The larger "sweet spot" you have, the less likely it is that you will hit a bad shot Being a little off center will not affect your shot to any great degree. Beginners especially benefit from that standard cast iron feature. Their swing is not as consistant as a seasoned golfer or a pro and so they have an easier time driving the ball well with a larger sweet spot at their disposal. This is the major reason why you see larger or even "oversized" clubs made, especially the oversized drivers today. These clubs allow for a larger sweet spot and make the game a lot easier for the average player

With forged iron clubs you have the exact opposite. A smaller sweet spot that makes your drives that much harder to hit well.

So why would people buy a forged iron golf club?

This is due to the fact that forged iron offers a better "feel" on your shot because it is a softer metal than cast iron. The better player, with a more refined and "repeatable" swing, can use this "feel" to shape or control his shot in a way that the beginner can't. The better player doesn't need that larger sweet spot because he can strike the ball dead center with far more consistancy. He trades that off for more control.

The shaft of the club is your next thing to look at. Specifically the material it will be made from. Basically, you have steel or composite shafts

The important touchstone here is golf club speed. An ordinary golf player will have a club velocity of 80-94 mph. Slower speeds normally means looking at a shaft made from composite material. The result of lower swing speed is less yardage on each shot. You want to find some way to offset your lower swing speed. And that is where the composite golf club shaft enters the picture. It gives you a lot more distance than you would get with your normal swing and a steel shaft.

By contrast, those with good distances on their shots, will fare much better by using a steel shaft that will give them some touch and control on their shots.

Visit your local golf pro shop or look for a store that offers custom work and they will help you to determine your own club head speed and which type of shaft you should use. Or you can buy one of the many swing speed radar devices on the market and clock your speed yourself.

With simply these few starting hints, it is ordinarily best if you rent a few different sets of clubs as you play and take note of how each club helps or impedes your game. You are searching to learn your personal strengths as well as weaknesses. Use as many clubs as you can beg, borrow, steal or rent. The more you use, the more you will learn about your own game.

Work on these tips and make sure you tee off with a positive mindset. The more you practice and implement what you learn, the more confidence you will gain in your ability to hit it straight and long. And watch your scores begin to plummet!

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More Thoughts On Golf

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If you are going to be playing on a golf course then you will need good grip. To facilitate this you will require a good quality set of golf shoes, Golf shoes are different to normal shoes as they have �spikes� on them - these are so that you feet grip into the ground when you are making your swing. Slipping when you make your swing can have disastrous results - in some cases it can cause you to miss the ball altogether. These spikes come in all sorts of varieties, however soft spikes are the normal preference as they do not cause and damage to the greens when you walk on them. Golf shoes do more than just assist you in retaining your grip - the also give you the ability to keep your feet dry. When choosing a pair of golf shoes choose a pair which are sturdy, however they need to be comfortable as you could be walking a long way in them. If you do not feel comfortable in your shoes you will definitely not be able to concentrate on your game and could even do some damage to your feet.

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There are many different kinds of golf shirts available to buy and it can become overwhelming trying to choose the right one for you. This article will discuss everything there is to know about golf shirts, including some of the best places to buy them and other golfing apparel from.
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Have you ever considered how important the driver is as part of your golf equipment? There is a propensity for less inexperienced golfers to go out and by the biggest and meanest looking club in the golf shop but if it doesn't suit your style, mainly your swing speed then you will be heading off into the trees in search of your ball more often than not following a tee shot.


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