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Sunday, March 30, 2008
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Some Geat Golf Tips

by Lee MacRae

Here are some great tips to help improve the various aspects of your golf game.

Finish towards the target. Pick a spot on the ground that lines up with your target and from your address stretch your wood towards it. If done correctly, your arms should form a V shape with both arms fully extended. Finish the swing over your left shoulder. Do you have a tendency to bend your left arm early. That also will retard distance; keep your V as long as possible before it bends at the finish of your swing and you will find youself getting much more distance.

Teeing the ball higher will aid in hitting the ball farther. By teeing the ball higher, it will help achieve better launch angle and reduce backspin at impact. This will allow the ball to be hit on the up-swing - producing more carry and distance.

Today's equipment and balls are not tailored necessarily for 7 - 8 degree drivers. That is a thing of the past. Getting the ball up in the air on a good trajectory is the first step to driving the ball longer. Many touring pros regurlaly use 9 and 10 degree drivers and drive the ball 300 plus yards. Plus, you will get much more consistency with a more lofted driver.

Work on these tips and make sure you tee off with a positive mindset. The more you practice and implement what you learn, the more confidence you will gain in your ability to hit it straight and long. And watch your scores begin to plummet!

About the author

Lee MacRae runs several online stores where you can find a great golf training aid or a great golf hybrid club today!

Additional Info On Golf Today

Fairway Bunkers
It goes without saying that if every course designer simply produced holes that were straight, then the game would quickly lose a great deal of the challenge that makes it such an enduring pastime for players. Hence the positioning of hazards such as water, fairway and greenside bunkers and trees.
...mastering golf UK

Wood Game Tip
Many people complain about not being able to hit the ball well with their woods (or metals), and in particular their driver. From what I've seen poor quality contact is a major problem for many of these players. Put a tee in the ground (without a ball) sticking up approximately 1 to 1.5 inches. You should be able to strike the tee consistently without hitting, or even brushing, the ground at all. If you miss the tee, or touch the ground in any way, don't wonder any longer why you can't hit your driver. Remember -- the longer the club, the more precision required. Practice this exercise until you can consistently clip the tee without touching the ground (or even the grass). Once you get quality contact handled the feedback you get from your shots becomes meaningful. Then you can work on directional control.
...PGA professional golf

Be sure to check the location of the ball with clubs aligned on the ground. Step away to check that you are positioning the ball properly. Ask someone to double-check your positioning. It is hard, without alignment tape or clubs, to visually gauge the proper placement of the ball.
...PGA of America

If you can�t seem to find the time to spend at the driving range and your backyard is too small to practice your golf swing, all hope is not lost thanks to virtual golf. Of course, this is not quite as satisfying as feeling the club strike the ball, but it may be a good solution between trips to the course. As the name suggests, you place a ball on the tee just like you would otherwise, but the ball will not travel outside a certain area. Or, you can opt for a net in which you can hit the ball except you will, obviously, have to hit the net each and every time.
...PGA of America

Many swing faults occur from an improper setup. This can cause unnecessary adjustments during the swing. Taking care to position the ball, feet, hips and shoulders properly ensures building a good swing foundation. Testing has shown golfers with open stances show no more tendency to slice than golfers with closed stances. The open stance may give the golfers a little more opportunity to slice, because it allows a little more freedom in the downswing and follow-though. The square stance is used by most successful golfers. Beginners should start with a square stance. As you advance, you can experiment with the advantages of other stances. Avoid extreme stances. Experiment to find the stance that works best for you. Take care to set up consistently on all normal shots.
...PGA of America

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