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Sunday, March 16, 2008
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Golf Mind Power For A Life Change

By: Randy Friedman

When you learn to get out of your own way, the world becomes an easier place. I believe when you go within, you won�t go without!

Hypnosis is a completely safe modality of therapy used frequently in sports (especially golf hypnosis) and personal development concepts. As a Motivational mind power speaker and Certified hypnotherpist, Randy knows how to help you get out of your own way. Here are some answers to questions that have arisen about gaining mind power through hypnosis.

1. What IS hypnosis?

Imagine a beautiful tropical beach in your mind, smell the salty ocean air, feel the warm breeze brush through your hair, see the gentle waves caress back and forth on the shore� this may be part of the induction used to bring you to a place of complete relaxation.

Hypnosis is NOT a �sleep� state even though a person in hypnosis may appear to be sleeping. Charles Tebbetts, a top teacher of hypnosis, defined hypnosis as, �There is no legal definition of hypnosis. Webster�s dictionary describes it incorrectly as an artificially induced sleep, but it is actually a natural state of mind and induced normally in everyday living much more often than it is induced artificially. Every time we become engrossed in a novel or a motion picture, we are in a natural hypnotic trance�.

As a Hypnotherapist I am more like a guide who facilitates the hypnotic process. My words guide the subject into a relaxed state of body and mind. Technically, a person experiencing hypnosis slows down their brain waves from BETA into ALPHA�and some people actually enter THETA during deep trance states. (THETA is normally the �dream� state we pass through on the way to and from DELTA�or deep sleep.) Interestingly enough, we all pass through ALPHA on the way to and from sleep, so in a sense all of us experience hypnosis at least twice daily.

Hypnosis is the heightened state of awareness where the conscious mind is bypassed, and the subconscious mind is brought into focus. When the subconscious mind is alert, positive suggestions are made for changes to take place.

Simply put, hypnosis is a deeply relaxed state of mind, where suggestions are made to effect a desired change. It can also be thought of as �guided meditation.�

2. Does a hypnotized person lose control?

I hear this quite often and actually, it teaches you how to gain your mind power control. Remember the last time you watched a movie and you actually felt emotion? You were literally in a hypnotic trance, although you still have the power to come out from that state if you so desired. Your mind may be guided by a movie, TV show, self-hypnosis audio program, or Hypnotherapist, but YOU still have the power to resist.

Some people who seem to partially give up control of their minds (like in Stage Hypnosis), is because of a misunderstanding of who has the power. One can be TRICKED into believing that they have �given up control� in some forms of stage hypnosis. Always remember, �ALL HYPNOSIS IS SELF-HYPNOSIS.� You have the control of letting your conscious mind get into a deeply relaxed state. It�s important to realize the real power is�within OUR OWN MINDS! That is what MIND POWER is all about, learning to gain control of your thoughts.

Hypnosis is like a massage for the brain!

3. What does hypnosis feel like?

Since hypnosis is a natural state of mind, clients are often surprised that they hear every word. You may have a feeling of calm, and light (or weightless), or very heavy as if sinking into the chair. In a really deep state, the feeling may be euphoric for some, or almost like being intoxicated without the side effects. In the first session some only go into only a light state of trance, and may believe that he or she was not hypnotized. With progressive sessions, and trust is built, students usually let go and do go to deeper levels of trance, which can be more beneficial.

Certain abilities may be enhanced during the hypnotic process itself:

� The ability to IMAGINE

� The ability to REMEMBER

� CREATIVE abilities

� Receptiveness to SUGGESTIONS

The last ability creates the appeal of hypnosis as well as the fear of hypnosis to others. There is nothing to fear with a trusted professional. Here lies the real advantage in hypnotherapy. It is the capacity for the subconscious mind to accept suggestions while in a relaxed trance state that makes hypnosis so effective. It�s the reason top athletes, actors and politicians make use of it.

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Some Quick Golf Information

Golf Training Aids

You learn to play golf by feel, not mechanics alone. Too much detail is confusing. You cannot think your way through a golf swing. You feel your way!

Golf Instruction

To achieve the goal of hitting the ball at the bottom of the swing arc. Your drives should be hit slightly on the upswing, iron shots are struck slightly on the downswing. Fairway woods are hit at the bottom of the swing arc.
For more information go to golf equipment

Golf Club

If the shoulders are in a closed position (facing to the right of the target) the clubhead travel will be inside-to-outside of the target line. With the shoulders parallel to the target line at impact, the clubhead travel will be inside-to-direct. This shoulder motion allows the clubhead to travel to the target, not away from the target as in the other positions.Remember the shoulders must remain passive, and are a follower in your swing, not a leader.
To learn more go to golf equipment

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