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Monday, April 28, 2008
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Do You Want Better Tempo In Your Golf Swing

By: Trent

Are you a spastic with your golf swing? Do you tomahawk from the top of your backswing? I don't mean to get right at it, but what i am talking about is tempo of your golf swing? Tempo is a topic that is not talked about enough when it comes to a consistent golf swing.

When you think of tempo, don't you picture Fred Couples, Retief Goosen or even Ernie Els? Do you site a "hit motion" in their golf swing? You don't! They take it back smoothly and bring it down in the same fashion. No jerk, ballistic movement or hit in those golf swings.

Tips For Tempo

There are dozens of tips in regards to improving your tempo. One good one is counting. Get into a rythmn with your swing by counting one on the way back, two at the top (give it a little pause) and three on the way down. Be consistent with this and you will see your tempo improve.

Another tip is "think smooth". If I ever get to where I am trying to kill the ball...the very next swing I think smooth all the way. No aggressive or jerky motion for the entire swing. This usually gets my swing back in the groover right away, instead of the dreaded snow ball effect with your game, getting worse and worse.

The last simple tip is the big pause at the top before you come down. I mean pause! When you're hitting balls at the range, make 10 swings with a 2 second pause at the top, before you make your move down. The first couple of swings will be hard. Your contact with the ball will be terrible...but after a while you'll get to where you can make good contact almost everytime.

Golf Swing Trainers Can Help

The use of golf swing trainers to improve tempo can be very effective. In fact, I strongly recommend you do. One training aid I really like is the Medicus Golf Club. This club is one of the most effective training aids for not only tempo, but swing plane and path.

For the sake of this article, we are talking about tempo. When you take the Medicus back with a jerk it breaks. When you come down too quickly it breaks again! When you first use this...you'll get very frustrated...but it will open you eyes to how slow (and smooth) you really need to swing to not break the hinge.

Your golf swing tempo can make or break your performance. Work on it and your scores will show it. Don't...and let your playing partners blow the doors off you every time you play them.

Article Source: http://www.bettergolfarticles.com

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf performance experts in the country. He is the founder of 8 golf performance websites including his golf training aid review site. He has just come out with a golf swing plane trainer review you'll want to check out! http://www.golfswingtrainingaid.com/plane-trainer.php

Let's Talk About Golf

Golf Equipment

Keep them clean � The grooves on the club head aren't there for decoration only. They help propel and spin the ball when you hit it. If the grooves are clogged with dirt, it will affect the way the ball spins and flies in the air. Hang a club-cleaning brush to your bag and use it often. It also helps to have a small, damp towel for cleaning the club heads after each swing.
Carry your golf clubs with distinction with a new TaylorMade golf stand bag!

Take Off Like A Jumper
A correctly timed pivot will cause the left leg to straighten just after impact, like a ski jumper launching into the air. This maximizes distance.
...Golf Tips magazine

Ben Crenshaw is one of the world's finest. He holds the putter so lightly he sometimes drops it - but this is how he achieves the 'touch' behind a smooth rhythm.
...BBC golf

Burton Golf Bags

An offset shaft or hosel on a putter is generally a good thing for a recreational golfer (and many pros, too). Offset helps the golfer line up with his or her forward eye over the ball, and with a good line of sight. Offset also helps keep the hands ahead of the ball when the putt is struck, which is a putting fundamental. Many putt great without offset, so it's one more thing that comes down to feel.
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Golf Article Of The Month

Golf Beginner Guide
The Golf Beginner Guide is an eBook filled with info for the beginning golfer. Get it today!

Tee Your Way To A Great Golf Resort

by Phyllis Wasserman

Great things come in great packages, so to speak.

In particular, golf resorts provide more than a golf player would ask. Generally, it caters to different kinds of people and not just golf enthusiasts. Golf resorts can really stand out in the vacation business.

Due to its nature, golf resorts literally have rooms and villas situated in a secured place. The rooms and villas are full of necessary services usually seen in a typical resort: large air-conditioned rooms, luxurious bathrooms, cable televisions, and internet connections.

Most of these golf resorts have magnificent views coupled with mild and healing climate. Landscapes and ornamentations are carefully drawn in the most luxurious way. There are beautiful pools and ponds that captivate visitors.

However, unlike other types of resorts, a golf resort caters to the specific needs of a golf player or a golf aficionado. These golf resorts are specially made for people who want to relax, have fun, and at the same time enjoy playing golf.

There are golf resorts that offer a variety of golf packages. They have several golf championship courses. Generally, most golf resorts have 18-hole course, par 63 Challenge course, and an 18 hole live turf Putting course.

Because of its specialized nature of market, golf resorts are dedicated to make every golf player a better player by trying out their different golf courses in a more comforting manner. Nearly every golf resorts offer golf lessons that will help every golfer improve their playing skills such as swing and putting.

Other golf resorts offer a variety of golf instruction programs for golfers of all skill levels. Golf resorts may offer individual instruction, group clinics, corporate clinics, junior clinic or multi day golf instruction packages.

On the other hand, there are golf resorts that can give practice facilities to beginners or to those that just want to try playing golf for the first time. In this type of golf resort, their practice facilities can give you the chance to work on all aspects of your game from wedge to driver. These golf resorts could offer you a place where you can practice your putting, chipping or pitching on a large two tier putting green.

In the United States, the most well known golf resorts are situated in Central Florida and Southern California where the climate and views are a perfect concoction so as to make golf resorts very entertaining.

Other golf resorts are Avila Beach Golf Resort in California, Eagle Crest Resort in Central Oregon and Championship Golf Resort in Central Florida.

The Eagle Crest Resort boasts of its golf courses carved out of an ancient juniper forest huddled at the foot of the majestic Cascades. Eagles Crest Golf Resort is also known for its meticulous grounds keeping, fast true greens, and beautiful summer wildflower displays. And because of their lower elevation, Eagle Crest Golf Resort have the longest quality golf season in Central Oregon making them adept in keeping one of their championship courses open all year round.

The Avila Beach Golf Resort, on the other hand, has lavishly landscaped greens. The Avila Beach Golf Resort driving range has great teeing areas and is open from dusk till dawn. They also offer various golf instruction programs.

The Championship Golf Resort likewise caters to most golf fanatics and players. This golf resort is easily within 20 minutes of all the top attractions such as Disney and Universal Studios. And because it is situated at the west of the attractions, Championship Golf Resort could be easily reached using Florida Turnpike and Osceola Parkway toll roads, with which vacationers could avoid the heavy congestion often experienced when approaching from the east.

Aside from these three marvelous golf resorts, there are still many other golf resorts waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. You could try looking for them at the Web because most of them have Web sites already; or you could ask for brochures and pamphlets of different golf resorts.

With the wonderful things mentioned, you can be assured that golf resorts are great alternative ways of making your vacation or golf activities truly an invigorating one.

Happy teeing!

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Some Quick Golf Information

Golf Training Equipment

A golf instructor can do wonders with your game, but he can't do it alone. To make golf lessons worthwhile, you must be able to follow up on them by continuing to work on the instructor's suggestions on your own time. The higher your goals, the more work will be required. Be realistic in your goals and make sure you can offer the commitment necessary to meet those goals.
Get greater distance on your drives with great Top Flite golf balls from our store.

A proper grip will reduce your tendency to slice. A good grip will keep the clubhead square at impact and keep the shaft from turning in your hands. Pictured is the popular overlap grip, also known as the Vardon grip.
...Golf Instruction Guide

Practice grounds
Many facilities have practice grounds, which provide an ideal environment in which to get to grips with the basics. If there is a professional in residence, arranging some lessons will ensure that the new player begins developing good habits right from the off. This is a much better option than finding further up the learning curve that some of the less beneficial aspects of your technique are difficult to straighten out. Remember that some golfers find such bad habits can last a lifetime.
...mastering golf UK

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Wed, 11 Apr 2007 00:00:00 GMT
FREE personalization and a FREE Titleist ball marker with each personalized dozen.

Adam Scott Delivers Signature Performance in TOUR Championship Victory.

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