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Monday, April 28, 2008
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Do You Want Better Tempo In Your Golf Swing

By: Trent

Are you a spastic with your golf swing? Do you tomahawk from the top of your backswing? I don't mean to get right at it, but what i am talking about is tempo of your golf swing? Tempo is a topic that is not talked about enough when it comes to a consistent golf swing.

When you think of tempo, don't you picture Fred Couples, Retief Goosen or even Ernie Els? Do you site a "hit motion" in their golf swing? You don't! They take it back smoothly and bring it down in the same fashion. No jerk, ballistic movement or hit in those golf swings.

Tips For Tempo

There are dozens of tips in regards to improving your tempo. One good one is counting. Get into a rythmn with your swing by counting one on the way back, two at the top (give it a little pause) and three on the way down. Be consistent with this and you will see your tempo improve.

Another tip is "think smooth". If I ever get to where I am trying to kill the ball...the very next swing I think smooth all the way. No aggressive or jerky motion for the entire swing. This usually gets my swing back in the groover right away, instead of the dreaded snow ball effect with your game, getting worse and worse.

The last simple tip is the big pause at the top before you come down. I mean pause! When you're hitting balls at the range, make 10 swings with a 2 second pause at the top, before you make your move down. The first couple of swings will be hard. Your contact with the ball will be terrible...but after a while you'll get to where you can make good contact almost everytime.

Golf Swing Trainers Can Help

The use of golf swing trainers to improve tempo can be very effective. In fact, I strongly recommend you do. One training aid I really like is the Medicus Golf Club. This club is one of the most effective training aids for not only tempo, but swing plane and path.

For the sake of this article, we are talking about tempo. When you take the Medicus back with a jerk it breaks. When you come down too quickly it breaks again! When you first use this...you'll get very frustrated...but it will open you eyes to how slow (and smooth) you really need to swing to not break the hinge.

Your golf swing tempo can make or break your performance. Work on it and your scores will show it. Don't...and let your playing partners blow the doors off you every time you play them.

Article Source: http://www.bettergolfarticles.com

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf performance experts in the country. He is the founder of 8 golf performance websites including his golf training aid review site. He has just come out with a golf swing plane trainer review you'll want to check out! http://www.golfswingtrainingaid.com/plane-trainer.php

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Take Off Like A Jumper
A correctly timed pivot will cause the left leg to straighten just after impact, like a ski jumper launching into the air. This maximizes distance.
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