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Friday, March 28, 2008
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Wondering which golf clubs you should buy?

By: Lee MacRae

With so many different makes and types of golf clubs on the market, it is no wonder beginners, let alone the more experienced golfer, can become easily confused when it comes to buying clubs.

Read along as we discuss the types available and what they each can do for your game of golf.

To begin with, it should be noted that ordinary, everyday golf clubs will work for virtually anybody standing between 5 feet and six feet tall. That principle applies to both men and women. There are enough standard clubs on the market that you should be able to find ones to suit the rest of your needs in a golf club.

If you are outside the heights for standard clubs, then you may want to look at getting custom clubs made just for you.

Cast or Forged Golf Club?

For just about all golfers, the standard cast iron golf clubs are the right choice.

The major reason? Because of the larger "sweet spot" you tend to find on the cast iron clubs. This is the are in the center of the club face where "forces" are said to be perfectly balanced to deliver the perfect shot. The larger the "sweet spot" on a club face, the more area you have to strike the ball well. You can still be a little "off center" and the ball is still struck well because you have a larger margin of error. It is for that main reason the beginners are steered towards cast iron clubs. Without a steady consistant swing, a larger striking area will produce better shots overall. This is the major reason why you see larger or even "oversized" clubs made, especially the oversized drivers today. These clubs allow for a larger sweet spot and make the game a lot easier for the average player

By contrast, forged iron golf clubs are "harder to hit" a good shot with as they have a smaller sweet spot.

So why would people buy a forged iron golf club?

Well, because they are made of a softer steel, they offer a better "feel" on each and every shot. The more seasoned player, especially the pros on the circuit, don't need that larger sweet spot. They have a more consistant swing plane and strike the ball with far more accuracy. They use the "feel" of the the forged iron clubs to influence the flight of the ball in a way that a beginner or average player can't.

The next thing to look at is the shaft itself. Will we get one made from steel? Or will it be a composite material?

How fast can you swing your golf club? Average speed for a golfer falls in the range of 80 to 95 mph. If you have a slower club head speed then you need to look to composite materials. With a slower swing speed comes less distance on your drives. Less distance means more shots needed to reach the putting green. Not a good thing if you want to lower your score. Composite shafts will allow you to get that much needed distance on your shots. And even within the composite shaft class, you will find variations in flex and materials that will affect your game.

For those of you with faster swing speeds, and subsequenlty good distances, steel shafted clubs will give you a lot more control on your shots. This is very similar to the advantages of iron over cast clubs.

You can find out your own swing speed by looking for a golf store that has a velocity speed gun or a radar gun package. It won't cost you much and you will know very quickly which type of shaft is best for you. You can even find some battery operated doppler radar devices on the market that you can set up and use to determine your club velocity by yourself.

With just these few starting tips, it is usually best if you rent a few different sets of clubs as you play and take note of how each club helps or hinders your game. You are looking to determine your personal strengths and weaknesses. Try the various types and kinds of clubs available to you and, in time, you will be able to narrow in on what will work best for you and which clubs offer the best advantages to improve your golf score.

Work on these tips and make sure you tee off with a positive mindset. The more you practice and implement what you learn, the more confidence you will gain in your ability to hit it straight and long. And watch your scores begin to plummet!

Improve your golf game with a great golf training aid today!

Quick Golf Ideas

Come to the Golf Course with Strategy in the Bag
Every good golfer knows that golf is not all about mechanics. There is a strategy to playing the game, and the golfer who develops the best strategy has a much better chance of coming out on top. There are ways to prepare yourself before you get to the course�and ways to react to conditions within a round�that will save you trouble and give you an advantage most golfers fail to seize.
...by T.J. Tomasi, Ph.D.
Hitting behind the ball or too high on the ball.
This is often caused by swaying during the swing. Any side-to-side or up and down head movement should be avoided. To get the right feel, hit some practice shots with feet together. During your weight shift, concentrate on keeping the weight On your right foot on the inside of your foot. Check your progress by taking practice swings with sun behind you and watching your shadow. Don't let the clubface get ahead of your hands at impact. To avoid hitting chips and pitches fat: Don't sole the club at address. Use an open, narrow stance. Keep arms connected to chest and rotate body rather than sliding hips laterally and jabbing at the ball with your hands. Focus eyes on front of ball, with weight on front foot and wrists ahead of ball at address and through impact. Be sure to make a complete follow-through.
...Tom's golf tips

Thanks to the popularity of golf, there are many golf gadgets available today. As more people want to play the game, more ways are sought to improve their game. The once steady golf industry has now expanded to a much larger industry. Some companies are built around only one piece of golf equipment. Golf gadgets available range from some incredibly useful golf aids to some slightly more ridiculous items. Here are some of the options.
...PGA of America

If you can�t seem to find the time to spend at the driving range and your backyard is too small to practice your golf swing, all hope is not lost thanks to virtual golf. Of course, this is not quite as satisfying as feeling the club strike the ball, but it may be a good solution between trips to the course. As the name suggests, you place a ball on the tee just like you would otherwise, but the ball will not travel outside a certain area. Or, you can opt for a net in which you can hit the ball except you will, obviously, have to hit the net each and every time.
...PGA of America

It's time to back go back to fundamentals and see a pro. Keep a record of where you are losing strokes and concentrate on improving those parts of your game. Start with a review of your grip and stance. That's where most problems begin. Also, try to swing with the proper tempo and with 80% of your power.
...Tom's golf tips

Short Game Tip
The chip and run should be the workhorse of your short game. It is the most reliable shot around the green when you can't putt. I would estimate that at least 95% of my short game shots (from within 20 yards of the edge of the green) are played with a chip and run technique, and the other 5% is made up of putts from off the green, pitches, and bunker shots. Getting the ball on the ground and rolling as soon as possible greatly increases the chances of the ball's behavior being predictable. That is not to say that a chip and run is always very low to the ground; just as low as possible. A chip and run style shot can be played with the most lofted wedge in your bag, in which case some people might refer to the shot as a "pitch and run." In many cases where the average golfer tries to pitch the ball up in the air, the "risk vs. reward" and the uncontrollable nature of a pitch (especially from a marginal lie) make it a poor choice.
Short Game General Rules
--Putt whenever feasible (i.e., IF the ball will roll rather than bounce)
--Chip and run when you can't putt
--Pitch only when you have no choice
...PGA professional golf

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