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Friday, March 28, 2008
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Sand Trap Tips And Tecniques

By Lee MacRae

Following are some tips to help improve your golf game.

Visual imagery is commom in bunker play. Some instructors tell students to imagine that the face of the club is the palm of their hands, which they "slap" under the ball in the hitting zone. We prefer to think of money. A dollar bill is slightly more than six inches long. That means that if the bill is laid under a golf ball, about two inches of the ball would protrude back from the bill. As the ideal "explosion shot" demands that you hit into the sand roughly two inches behind the ball, you should pretend that you're hitting the dollar ball out of the bunker. This is an especially useful image because in order to hit the ball right out of the bunker, you'll need to complete your follow-through, and that's another important element of just about every sand shot.

The delicate explosion shot [where you see a puff of sand and the ball flies to the hole and stops on a dime] is tough to hit consistently. Most attempts see the ball rolling more than expected. So why not anticipate the roll and play for it? The idea is to take the spin out of the shot by hitting even farther behind the ball than usual [three or four inches is recommended] and compensating for the removal of power by making a full swing. Your ball will explode out of the sand but will roll a good three or four yards.

The sand actually allows for a margin of error. Just make sure you accelerate your golf club through the sand and good results will follow. If your impact is close to your ball, it will go longer in the air but will retain a lot of spin. Impact a little farther behind your ball and you make it travel less in the air but it now has the tendency for more run on landing. Just remember to focus on the sand, not on the itself ball, and let your club [and the sand] do the work.

The average golfer usually fears the shot from a sand bunker and is defeated before they even attempt one. With practice, keeping in mind the proper technique and a few tips and hints, sand play will be a lot easier than you imagined. And your golf game will be better for it.

About the author

Lee MacRae runs several online stores where you can find a great golf swing aid or a great golf club today!

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A More Impressive Scorecard
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