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Thursday, March 13, 2008
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Tips To Play The Sand Trap

By Lee MacRae

Are you afraid of sand bunkers on the golf course? Do you panic when you see one near where you need your ball to land? Follow along as we detail some tips and tricks to make sand play much easier for you.

In general, a sand shot should be hit with a sand wedge, with both the stance and the clubface opened wide. The idea is to hit the sand and let it carry the ball out of the bunker. You should aim to make contact with the sand about two inches behind the ball and hit under and through. An important point here; with few exceptions, you should make a full fall through.

Landing in someone else's footprint in a bunker can be very frustrating. Especially if they are rakes stationed around the sand! But getting worked up about someone else's misdeeds won't help you escape. The trick here is to treat your ball as though it were in a buried lie. Pick up the club sharply and hit sharply down behind the ball to avoid the surrounding barrier of sand. You may also want to adjust your angle of attack depending on how the footprint lies. The only difference between the footprint shot and a buried lie shot is that you use a sand wedge and not a pitching wedge. You want to dig through the sides of the footprint [hence the angle of attack] but beyond that it's a normal sand shot.

The worst thing about hitting an uphill sand shot is that your ball probably is plugged in the sand. Balls that aren't plugged usually roll back down to a flat area. Here's how to play the shot: anchor your body by planting your right foot solidly in the sand, and slant your shoulders so that they are parallel with the slope. The swing for the shot isn't pretty. Just pick up the club sharply, keeping your legs still, and whack the sand behind the ball. Don't try to follow through. Remember that in such a perilous position any recovery is a good recovery.

And no matter what the circumstances are, don't allow tension to ruin your techinque. Tension will ruin even the best of golf swings. Keep your body and your mind loose and positive. Always imagine yourself handling the shot with success. What the mind sees, the body will do. You golf game will improve immensly when you add these tips.

About the author

Lee MacRae runs several online stores where you can find a great golf training aid or a great golf club today!

Some Golf Ideas

Golf Drivers

To learn how variations of the grip affect ball flight. Experiment with slight variations of your grip. Observe how the changes affect the flight of the ball. A weak grip encourages a slice or fade. A strong grip encourages a hook or a draw. The V.s formed by the index finger and thumbs on both hands should point between the chin and right shoulder.
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Headline News About Golf

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Sun, 12 Aug 2007 15:56:55 GMT
"It's not just Colin Montgomerie that can't win in the States, it's all us Brits" - KG

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Thu, 13 Mar 2008 23:31:47 GMT
Tiger used to dominate at Arnie's course. Recent struggles there raise the question: Can the streak stay alive?

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