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Thursday, April 10, 2008
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Destroy your golf slice in a matter of minutes using this revolutionary new system!

Golf Equipment: Digital Scorekeeper To Golf Driver

By: Clinton Maxwell

Thanks to the popularity of golf, there are many golf gadgets available today. As more people want to play the game, more ways are sought to improve their game. The once steady golf industry has now expanded to a much larger industry. Some companies are built around only one piece of golf equipment. Golf gadgets available range from some incredibly useful golf aids to some slightly more ridiculous items. Here are some of the options.

If you can�t seem to find the time to spend at the driving range and your backyard is too small to practice your golf swing, all hope is not lost thanks to virtual golf. Of course, this is not quite as satisfying as feeling the club strike the ball, but it may be a good solution between trips to the course. As the name suggests, you place a ball on the tee just like you would otherwise, but the ball will not travel outside a certain area. Or, you can opt for a net in which you can hit the ball except you will, obviously, have to hit the net each and every time.

Now, putting pads and various practice aids have been around for a very long time. You can choose from kits ranging from a simple pad and a cup or those offering such tools as ball return. Regardless of your selection, you can get that extra advantage of some practice time right in your living room or office.

If you like technology, you may enjoy a digital scorekeeper providing an instant way to track your score and save it for future preference. Digital scorekeepers allow you to recall scores from previous games to help you monitor your game and ongoing improvement.

Most avid golfers have probably received some of the silly golf gifts, since there is quite a selection available. Let�s turn to golf clubs and covers, for instance. You can find golf covers ranging from cute cartoon characters to handmade crochet and a wide choice of covers somewhere in between. In fact, there are probably very few covers for golf clubs that haven�t had a time on the market at some point. Golf covers tend to be a universal gift for golfers. Fortunately, they do serve a purpose as they protect the clubs from wear and tear and, considering the high cost of some clubs, this is always a good idea.

If you are struggling with lining up your ball to the spot you should aim, you may benefit from a stencil. You can use the stencil to mark the ball, after which you simply place the ball on the tee and swing with a clear target.

If you are looking to improve your golf swing, a metronome may be a good investment and a great way to improve the rhythm of your swing.

As you see, there are many golf gadgets from which a golfer can choose. The wide selection of golf equipment, golf drivers and accessories are appreciated by each golfer differently. Some may be wasted on one golfer while exactly what another golfer needs.

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More Thoughts On Golf

Don't worry that once you set the driver down it doesn't align with the ball. The ball isn't on the ground - it's three inches above the ground!
...PGA Tour

The simple way to learn the proper feel of your swing center is to place a golf ball on the ground and, with sun to your back, take your stance in a position whereby the shadow of your head covers the ball. As you swing, keep your eyes on the shadow. During the swing the shadow will move slightly, however if it moves off the ball you have lost the correct swing center. If the shadow remains on the ball you have kept the swing in the correct position. Repeat this excellent drill daily so as to reinforce good habits that will yield the reults you seek.

Many swing faults occur from an improper setup. This can cause unnecessary adjustments during the swing. Taking care to position the ball, feet, hips and shoulders properly ensures building a good swing foundation. Testing has shown golfers with open stances show no more tendency to slice than golfers with closed stances. The open stance may give the golfers a little more opportunity to slice, because it allows a little more freedom in the downswing and follow-though. The square stance is used by most successful golfers. Beginners should start with a square stance. As you advance, you can experiment with the advantages of other stances. Avoid extreme stances. Experiment to find the stance that works best for you. Take care to set up consistently on all normal shots.
...PGA of America

Neutral = Straight
There are two key alignments to strive for at the top of the swing that will make hitting fairways much easier. The most important of the two is the clubface position, which should be square (the leading edge basically is parallel to the left arm). Learning this position will remove the need to compensate on the downswing with the hands. Positioning the club parallel to the target line is also extremely important.
...Golf Tips magazine

Assisted Training Schemes
In terms of lessons, the financial aspect again can be a constraining factor. However, it is worth approaching the council about assisted training schemes, some of which are run in conjunction with golfing associations. For example, the English Golf Union (www.englishgolfunion.org), the national amateur governing body, launched a Get Into Golf initiative aimed at introducing more people to the sport regardless of age, background or gender, and together with the English Ladies' Golf Association organised a programme of free taster sessions, including hire of clubs, at participating venues across the country to do just that. Such initiatives mean that even if an individual does not have the money, they are still capable of participating and enjoying the game by making a much more important investment, namely the time to develop their skills and hopefully spread the word about the benefits of taking up the game.
...mastering golf UK

Headline News About Golf

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Thu, 31 Aug 2006 00:00:00 GMT
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px; font-weight:none; color:#A40101;"href="/golfclubs/utilities/585h.asp">Titleist PT 585.H</a>, that blends the distance and playability of fairway metals with the shot and trajectory control of an iron for greater versatility from the tee, fairway and rough. <a span style="font-family: Arial, Verdana, Helvetica; font-size: 11
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Iron Fitting: Dave Patton

Tue, 10 Jan 2006 00:00:00 GMT
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Tour Report - Mercedes Championships

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Vijay Singh fired a tournament best 7-under par 66 to force a playoff at the season-opening Mercedes Championships where Titleist was the most played golf ball.

Titleist Introduces 755 As New Flagship Iron Model

Fri, 11 Aug 2006 00:00:00 GMT

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