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Friday, April 25, 2008
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Which Golf Clubs Are For You?

By: Lee MacRae

With a larger variety of golf clubs coming onto the scene every week, it can become more and more difficult to determine just exactly what you should be looking for when buying new clubs.

We will go through a few basic tips to help you determine which golf clubs are right for you.

How tall are you? Standard clubs are made for anyone between 5 to 6 feet tall and should work out fine. That principle holds for both sexes. Anyone else should consider looking to custom clubs for the best fit.

Will that be cast iron or forged?

For most folks, the standard cast iron golf clubs are the best way to go.

Why, you ask? Very simply because standard cast iron clubs tend to have a larger "sweet spot". This is the are in the center of the club face where "forces" are said to be perfectly balanced to deliver the perfect shot. The larger "sweet spot" you have, the less likely it is that you will hit a bad shot Being a little off center will not affect your shot to any great degree. This makes cast iron clubs ideal for anyone who wants a more consistant shot., especially beginners. Until their swing plane is more developed, they will have an easier time striking the ball on a consistant basis with the cast iron club. That is why clubs like "Big Bertha" came on the market. The large oversized head obviously gives a much larger sweet spot than a normal driver. Average golfers get longer and straighter drives on a more consistant basis.

By contrast, forged iron golf clubs are "harder to hit" a good shot with as they have a smaller sweet spot.

So why are forged clubs even sold?

For a very simple reason. Cast iron is a softer metal that offers a better "feel" on a shot. The better players, on the other hand, will give up that larger sweet spot [and even some distance] to get that better feel of each and every shot they take. With a more consistant swing, they usually strike the ball dead center on most shots anyway. With the better feel of the forged iron club, they can draw, fade, hook or slice the ball deliberately when circumstances on the golf course require it.

The next consideration is the material for the shaft. Steel or composite?

The important thing to look at here is your club head velocity. Any typical Sunday golfer will generate a club speed of 80 to 94 mph. With speeds registering lower than that, you ought to think of using a composite style of shaft on your clubs . The result of lower swing speed is less yardage on each shot. You want to find some way to offset your lower swing speed. Composite shafts will allow you to get that much needed distance on your shots. And even within the composite shaft class, you will find variations in flex and materials that will affect your game.

On the other hand, if you already have good distance on your shots due to good swing speed, you can add some touch and feel to your game very similar to that obtained by using the forged iron clubs. You get the best of both worlds.

In order to determine your personal swing speed, look for a sports shop or golf store that has speed sensor equipment and get yourself clocked.

With just these few starting hints, it is generally best if you rent a few different sets of clubs as you play and take note of how each club assists or hinders your game. You are searching to determine your personal strong points and weak points. Try out the diverse types and sorts of clubs available to you and see what works best for your own game.

Work on these tips and make sure you tee off with a positive mindset. The more you practice and implement what you learn, the more confidence you will gain in your ability to hit it straight and long. And watch your scores begin to plummet!

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Quick Golf Ideas

Center Shafted Putters

Golf Stance Tips: After you have gripped your club correctly it's time to address your stance. Both the grip and stance tips are key to any driver golf swing tip as well. Your feet should be approximately shoulder width or bit more apart. You should feel as if your weight is distributed 50/50 between your front and back foot. Now this is one of the key points I've learned over the years that have been instrumental in improving my golf swing, and it is aiming.
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Keeping the clubface angle square to the target after impact breaks down the left wrist, restricting the left arm rotation. These faults set up a chain reaction creating other faults. The lack of arm rotation affects both clubface direction and angle,resulting in both loss of accuracy and distance. Finally, your swing is going at such a high speed that it's a physical impossibilty for you to even attempt to make any adjustments so commit yourself to doing the right things properly in your setup and takeaway because after that things are out of your control.
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How does a player cultivate the proper length of backswing? We are all individuals and our muscle coordination is not the same,therefore it would be foolish to try to force the club to a parallel position at the top of the backswing. Trying to take the clubhead to parallel will not only shorten your distance it will wreck your accuracy as well. So returning to the earlier premise:The club should not go back any further than you can turn your shoulders.
...LPGA tips

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