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Friday, April 18, 2008
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Why your golf swing mechanics are important

by Brent Bonnett

When it comes to your golf swing, it is composed of many different factors that work together to create golf swing mechanics. Understanding golf swing mechanics will help you determine exactly what part of your golf swing you need to work on. With the concept of golf swing mechanics under your belt, you will soon be on your way to scoring better and impressing your golf playing partners. To avoid slices, hooks, or golf shots that fly too high or too low, you will need to work on your golf swing mechanics. If you are a beginner golfer or if you are an experienced golfer with an important tournament coming up, it is a good time to learn about golf swing mechanics and what you can do to improve your personal golf swing.

Golf swing mechanics is one of the major factors in determining your golf swing power and the distance you will get out of your driver, woods, and irons. Along with equipment and golf strength, golf swing mechanics is essential to getting the power you want out of your golf swing.

Golf instruction is invaluable when it comes to golf swing mechanics. Especially for beginner golfers, lessons from a golf teaching professional can help you perfect your golf swing mechanics and fix any errors you have in your golf swing. With lessons, you will learn the best grip, stance, ball position, swing plane, and other essentials.

A great tool for understanding the best golf swing mechanics is a golf swing training aid. A golf swing trainer will glide your golf club along the exact swing path that you want to copy, and you can learn how a good swing feels so you can replicate it later on the golf course. Golf swing trainers and other swing teaching aids can easily be found at a number of web sites online.

Besides instruction, the next best thing you can do for your golf swing is to practice. Every week you should spend time on the driving range to work on your golf swing mechanics. The best golfers in the world are constantly practicing their skills, and without this dedication you wont see any improvement in your game. Keep in mind that the golf course is not the appropriate place for golf practice such as hitting multiple balls.

Remember, if you dont get your body in good golfing shape or if you dont play with golf equipment that is appropriate for your skill level and playing style, no matter how hard your work to perfect your golf swing mechanics, you will not see the scoring results that you want.

Author: Brent has a site all about golf at Golf Swing. There you will find useful articles, tips, news and other resources for all your golfing needs.

Some Quick Golf Information

Spray-On Sunscreen
We all hate getting our hands greased up before a round. The spray bottles work great.
...Golf Tips magazine

Golf truly is a great equalizer because it doesn't discriminate. Finally, the wonderful saying "What the mind conceives, the body can achieve" really drives home this point that the only limits we have in our lives are in our "minds".

Get New Grips That Fit
New grips can soup up your clubs, and your game, overnight. But make sure you get ones that fit´┐Żgrips that are too big encourage slicing.
...Golf Tips magazine

Positioning of the Hands
As with any stroke, the path of the ball will be dictated by the positioning of the hands and feet, so these should be adjusted in order to send the ball right with the correct amount of spin to curve it round. The clubface should remain square on to the ball but the feet and shoulders should be aligned to the right. This will result in the clubface swinging on an inside to outside path and placing the correct spin of the ball so that it curves rather than travels in a straight line.
...mastering golf UK

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